You are on the Run


You are 5 years old my love

You are 9 years old my love

Your eyes are to the horizon my love

Your feet are on the the burning gravels, cracks of Damesheg my love

Your golden braids loose in the firing winds of war my love

Your Soul broken in the wreckage of bombs my love

You Run I freeze,

I am cold and distant my love

A Snow White in her coffin my love

Mama Mama you call, Yr voice Yr echo awakens a beat in me , A breath my love

My heart pumps blood My soul reignites my love

I close my eyes I see an Oasis of Peace A Frontier A promise far away my love

I grab You with one hand squeeze You to my Chest heart My love…

I run I run I run in the desert in rain in wind through the Red Sea my love

I Run for You and me , for Me and You …, for US my Love…

I like to dedicate this to all the ORPHANS in the World. The ones that have been in an involuntary exile from their country and roots due to wars and to those ORPHANS who have been in Exile from their true Selfs due to Physical/Emotional and Sexual Abuse.My heart beats and belongs to All of them. HaPpy 2021.Dr. Helen Mahfar